8 Ways to Nail Your Resolutions!

Are you the kind of person who makes resolutions only to give up a few days or weeks later?

The tradition of making resolutions for the New Year began with the Babylonians – which means that we have been failing at it for over 4,ooo years. It’s time to change the way we think about our resolutions.

The Top 3 Resolutions each year are to lose weight, exercise more, and eat healthy.

We have great intentions but fall short when it comes to following through.

You are worth whatever it takes and you CAN do it! So, let’s get started!

  1. CHOOSE 1 GOAL – Pick the goal that’s most important to you. Don’t try to fix everything at one time. Focus all your energy and attention on one goal to limit the distractions.

  2. BE REALISITC – How much time do you have to shop, cook, or exercise? Do you need help? Set a goal that can be eased into your life and give yourself a generous time-frame to achieve it. You can’t lose 80 lbs. in one month and you can’t get 6-pack abs in a week.

  3. CREATE YOUR PLAN – Break your goal down into several steps. Determine how much time each step will take and choose an end date. This is how you can track your progress and stay on course.

  4. MAKE A “PROS” AND “CONS” LIST – How will you benefit? What value will it add to your life? What will you do when you succeed that you can’t do now? What do you need to surrender? What more do you need to do? What will happen if you quit? This list is a work in progress and can change as you crush your goals.

  5. MAKE A “WHAT IF” LIST – Have a Plan B for temptations, excuses, and wrenches thrown into your plan. What if . . . I go to restaurant, get sick, travel, etc., etc., etc. What trade off or compromise are you going to make. Decide before it happens.

  6. BUDDY UP – Get a buddy to work-out with. Share recipes with your friend. Get your support team on board. Everyone can use a cheer squad.

  7. CREATE A “REWARDS PROGRAM” – As you reach step of your goal, treat yourself. A massage or something else that makes you feel good. Your “rewards” should grow as you get closer to your goal with the big reward at the end.

  8. DON’T QUIT – When you slip-up (and you will), get right back on track. Don’t wait until Monday or next month. Every day is a new chance to pick up where you left off. Just keep at it. It takes time to form a new habit.

Always keep in mind that YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

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